Top Software Developer Scholarships

If you're tech savvy and want to pursue a career as a software developer, take a look at these scholarships

Have you always dreamed of becoming a computer whiz? Well, due to the high over-reliance in technology, it’s evident that careers in software development are, and will continue to remain in demand for the next couple of decades. But then, pursuing such a career is bound to be expensive. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are unable to pay your college tuition, or find it hard paying for your college accommodation, room and board, then, know that it’s time you started taking advantage of the available top software developer scholarships. In essence, the top four software developer scholarships to apply for include:

Generation Google Scholarship

The Generation Google Scholarship program by Google Inc targets high school seniors and college students in US and Canada. The students should either be majoring or planning to major in computer science, computer engineering or any of the other related fields. In addition, one should belong to any of the under-represented groups (persons with disability, women, American Indian, Hispanic or African American) and, should as well be available to attend the 2015 Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute. The award money for this scholarship is $10,000. All applications should be submitted not later than March 5.

ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Scholarship

This scholarship is administered by the International Scholarship and Tuition Services Inc. Its main aim is to offer financial assistance to minority and female students pursuing degrees in computer and video game related studies. To qualify, one must either be a high school senior or an undergraduate student enrolled in a four year US college or university and with a 2.75 GPA. Each year, a total of 30 scholarships are awarded with each student getting $3,000 per year. The deadline for submitting an application is May 14.

Microsoft Imagine Cup

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is a student competition that brings together high school and college students from various technological fields to compete under any of these three main teams; software design, phone game design or windows/Xbox game design. Other than winning a cash prize of $50,000, participating teams will also get to learn new technological skills and be involved in the next wave of computer applications and games. Though the Cup is ongoing, the last date for submitting an application was January 26.

Software Inclusion and Diversity Engineering Scholarship

The Software Inclusion and Diversity Engineering scholarship is run by Apple, Inc and targets female, Hispanic, Native American and black African American university students looking for a way to finance their education. The student may either be pursuing their undergraduate, masters or PhD studies or any of the computer science related studies. $10,000 is awarded to the successful candidate. This year’s deadline for submitting an application will be November 7.


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