Twin Scholarships

Find a few Scholarships for Twins and colleges that offer discounts if you feel overwhelmed by the financial burden of college. There are plenty of resources available for twin families when it comes to tuition. Colleges and organizations understand that the financial stresses are doubled with families who have multiple siblings. So don’t fret, instead take advantage of the help offered.

If you’re a parent of twins or triplets and are in the process of searching for a college they both can attend, you should be aware that some colleges are better than others. College costs for a single child can be daunting, so twins or triplets entering a college is understandably an intimidating prospect when it comes to finances. Student loan debt is doubled with already high tuition rates, and daily college costs like books and food can add up overtime. But there are some institutions that see the financial difficulty of putting twins or triplets through college and offer help to these families so college costs won’t be such a burden. A few colleges that offer discounts or scholarships for twins are as follows:

  • Paula Nieto Twin Scholarship – This is scholarship offers a $200 award per semester to twins
  • Randolph-Macon Women’s College – Twin sisters can expect a 15% discount if they enroll full-time to this college.
  • George Washington University – This is sort of like a “buy one get the other half off” deal you see at retail stores. One sibling or twin pays full price in tuition while the other is 50% off.
  • Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College – Helps out with room and board by offering $440 to twins or triplets.
  • Sterling College in Kansas – Half off tuition for each twin.
  • West Chester University of Pennsylvania – Offers the Bonnie Evans Feinberg Scholarship for students from a multiple sibling family with a B grade level.
  • Morris Brown College – A buy one get one free with one twin receiving a full-ride while the other pays tuition. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA each academic year.
  • Wilson College – This women’s only liberal arts college offers annual twin scholarships that pays 45% of the tuition costs each year.
  • Lake Erie College in Painesvile, Ohio – A scholarship for twins that alternates between the two each year. Only one twin pays tuition while the other gets a full-ride.

Twin Scholarships

Finding scholarships for twins makes the college process that much easier. You don’t want costs to be an inhibiting factor to receiving a degree and living a successful life. With many of these scholarships, as long as you keep a certain GPA you should continue to expect financial aid for college expenses. Another interesting scholarship for twins helms from the annual Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. They’ll provide $1,000 to eligible twins that have registered and attended at least three of the last five festivals. This is a fun festival for twins across the nation to dress-up, act goofy and associate with other twins. If you’re free the first full weekend in August, it might not hurt checking this event out.

Advice for Twins Going to College

Filling out the FASFA form is always a good idea no matter what your situation. Even if you don’t think you qualify, unless you’re a trust fund baby, people can be surprised at how Federal Student Aid can help. And if you have twins or multiple siblings even more help will be directed to you. Additionally, there are always general Easy Scholarships that anyone can apply for that will also provide adequate funding for school. Just keeping an eye out and being persistent in your scholarship search will prove to be beneficial in the end.


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