Twitch.TV and Alienware Scholarship Program

If you love video games and can use some extra funding for college, check out what this scholarship program has to offer. Included in this post are application details, award amounts, deadlines and more.

If you love video games and wish you could add it to your list of “extra-curricular activities” when applying for a scholarship, then this program’s for you. The Twitch.TV and Alienware Scholarship Program is awarding five students $10,000 (plus certificates) who meet eligibility requirements and complete the application. This is a lucrative scholarship from SteelSeries – a retailer of games and professional gaming accessories – and has interesting application requirements that should make any gamer happy. You essentially get to boast about how competitive you are to the selection committee. The application deadline is July 15.

Application Process

Among all the normal criteria (min GPA: 3.0/4.0, proof of enrollment of post-secondary institution), this video game scholarship asks that you provide evidence of your overall obsession with video games. Seriously. They’re interested in your ability to rank high in your game of choice and want to award those who are the most active (while being able to keep up with grades, of course). The application is entirely online and asks that you provide proof of all you “gaming accolades” that includes creating a 1 minute video “highlighting why you love games and your gaming achievements” and writing an 800 word essay responding to “Why you feel you should receive the TwitchTV/Alienware Scholarship”. This is definitely a unique scholarship that should allow you to win a decent chunk of change while boasting on all your in-game achievements to the selection committee (just don’t over do it and turn it into trash talk; be proud with restraint.)

Other Gaming Scholarships

All You Really Need for College – This technology scholarship comes from Microsoft and Zinch and offers a Dell XPS 13 Ultra Laptop, a 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, five Xbox games and other Microsoft gear. The deadline for this scholarship is June 30. All that’s required is a simple registration and a short 500 word essay on “If your PC were a person, who would it be and why?”

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences – This organization offers two scholarships, the Randy Pausch Scholarship and the Mark Beaumont Scholarship. The first scholarship awards students pursuing careers in interactive entertainment and that latter awards those interested in the business of interactive entertainment. They both award $2,500 and the deadlines for both is June 29.


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