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An article for those wanting to learn more about UPTU College. Learn about a few of the degree programs offered by many Uttar Pradesh Technical Institute, and what they’ve done to raise educational standards. UPTU College aims to provide quality education for people of all social classes. If interested in attaining a degree in a technical field of study, find out how attending the Uttar Pradesh Technical Institute could help you.

Uttar Pradesh Technical University was the largest technical university in Asia before it was separated into Gautam Buddha Technical University and Mahamaya Technical University. It was becoming difficult to manage and so was bifurcated into these two separate universities to better accommodate higher education for its students. People who reside in the state of Uttar Pradesh and are interested careers in either architecture, town planning, engineering, technology, pharmacy or applied arts and crafts, often attend one of the many UPTU Colleges to receive their degrees. Uttar Pradesh Technical University was established on May 8th, 2000 by the government of Uttar Pradesh. They take pride in being “enshrined in the University Act” by offering quality technical education to people of various social classes, encouraging entrepreneurship and high academic standards so that graduates can keep pace with national and international levels.

Some Changes Made

Because of the large size of UPTU College, they’ve decided to sub-divide it into zones with 45-50 colleges that allow for inter-zonal comparing so that overseers can recognize any strengths or weakness any particular institution may have. This makes it easier to manage and benefits students as educational standards in each zone compete with one another ensuring high academic standards are achieved. They require you to take an entrance exam to participate in any of the programs available at UPTU College that around 50,000 people take per year. UPTU has a base that can be found at the I.E.T. Campus at Sitapur Road in the Capital of U.P. at Lucknow.

Programs offered by UPTU College

Along with some of the more traditional technical programs offered, UPTU College also offers degree programs in other areas like fashion and apparel design and hotel management and catering technology. With a degree in fashion and apparel design, you’ll be able to express your creativity by designing clothing for various styles that are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. Getting involved with textile design will not only require creative and technical skills, but also commercial awareness of the industry and an ability to keep up with emerging fashion trends. A degree in hotel management and catering will open up doors to careers on cruise ships, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks and country clubs. Either of these degree programs offered by many UPTU Colleges can provide an exciting and rewarding career once graduated.

Useful Information

If interested in attending or learning more about UPTU Colleges, you can find links to publications, ICT Applications, annual reports and other helpful material located over on their website. They also provide information on fee structure, institutions, faculty and an indepth look at the various programs offered. Uttar Pradesh Technical Institute is one of the largest in Asia with over 150,000 students attending. If interested in pursuing a career in architecture, pharmacy, hotel management catering technology or fashion and apparel design, simply check out one of the many UPTU Colleges available and attain your degree.


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