Video Contest Scholarships

Find a few Video Contest Scholarships and break away from tradition. Either provide your audience with creatively and thought-provoking short movies, or silly and fun to watch videos that cover a wide range of subjects. If you’re in the mood to create something and need money for college, view the list of Video Contest Scholarships that let you do just that.

If you’ve been writing tons of long essays to dozens of traditional scholarships, locating Video Contest Scholarships that allow you to use a different medium to get a point across can be seen as a breath of fresh air. Creating a video can be fun and rewarding if you put enough time in it. Be sure to observe videos from the competition to get a view of standards and also to offer an original take on whatever the subject matter is possibly giving viewers a less-than-obvious perspective. You can engage the audience with comedy or inspiration while also shedding new light on whatever topic you’re asked to create a video for. If you’re handy with a camera, have a knack for editing and simply enjoy being creative, Video Contest Scholarships might be down your alley.

Viral Video Scholarship Contest

This Video Contest Scholarship comes from the Davis Law Group and awards students who create a video that provides awareness to a public safety issue like safe driving, bicycle safety and pedestrian awareness. After you submit your video, it’ll be featured on the website with voting done publicly in the form of comments, +1’s, tweets and likes. The short videos can cover subjects like texting while driving, seat belt safety and drunk driving. They hand out two prizes, one for high school students and the other for college, offering $1,500 for each category. They also provide $10,000 to a national winner of the Viral Video Scholarship. As the name suggest, the more “viral” your video gets the better your chances of winning, so be creative!

Bridgestone Video Contest Scholarship

Information about this Video Contest Scholarship can be found at The spokesperson for this scholarship is cleverly named Martin Scoresafety, with the objective of the project being to promote driving safety among teens and young adults 16-21. They award their top three entries with second and third place receiving $5,000 and first place receiving $10,000. They’ll also have their videos featured on television as PSA’s across the nation. You can find other information regarding the contest on Martin’s Facebook Page.

The Christophers Scholarships

The Christophers is a Christian based organization (Christopher meaning Christ-bearer), that serves as an advocate for positive and constructive values encouraging people to act on their God-given purpose in life. The require that video entries be at least five minutes long and depict inspirational stories dealing with virtue and hope. Contestants should keep in mind the motto of this organization, “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” when creating their films; it comes from a Chinese proverb. First place winners will receive $2,000 in scholarship money with second place earning $1,000 and third place winners, $500.


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