Weird Scholarships

This article discusses a few weird scholarships to apply for if you need a break from the traditional. Details like amount and sponsorship are included as well as the requirements for each. If you’re in need of money for school and don’t mind doing something weird to attain it, then the scholarships listed here might be for you!

If you’re tired of applying to boring traditional scholarships and can use something different, there are plenty of weird scholarships available for those who meet peculiar requirements. For example, there’s a left-handed scholarship for those enrolled at Juniata college; scholarships for people a certain height (whether tall or short); scholarships that reward any duck calling talent, and even an award for language study students from the Klingon Language Institute. So if you could use a break from the mundane routine of applying to traditional scholarships, trying a few of these out-of-the-box scholarships might be what you need. Also, check out a List of Weird Scholarships when finished here!

Milk Moustache Scholarship

This scholarship comes from the “Got Milk?” Campaign and is open to athletic high school students who score high academically and are active in the community. Twenty-five students will win $7,500 and an all-expense paid trip to the awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida. The winners will be chosen by milk-moustache celebrity athletes that have been featured on billboards across the nation. Applicants must write a 250 word essay on a suitable subject deemed by the “Got Milk?” Campaign. So not only can milk fend off osteoporosis and arthritis, but it’ll help fend off that vicious lack-of-tuition-money-intolerance-deficiency-syndrome!

American Fire Sprinkler Association

This scholarship is for high school seniors who are willing to learn a little bit about fire sprinkler safety, but more importantly could use about 2 grand for college. Just read a quick essay about fire sprinkler safety and answer ten questions with each correct answer earning you an entry into the contest. This is an easy, and slightly weird, scholarship that many students across the nation participate in. The application process isn’t long; it’ll only take a quick second to complete. It’s a random drawing scholarship so your odds of winning are based on how many entries there are.

Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

There’s a civil rights movement for those who are a little heavier than normal. They aren’t marching the streets like in the 60s, but they are making strides to improve awareness about their cause. They haven’t made as much media attention as other movements, and so you probably have no clue about the organization, but they’re out to help those who feel aren’t being treated fairly. Do you like the idea of being charged more for airline seats because of your weight? Do you feel you’ve been discriminated against in the workplace just because you carry a bit more baggage? And more to the point, could you use a scholarship for college that doesn’t require any athletic ability? If so, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) has a $500 scholarship for you if you meet their weighty requirements. Just write an essay, include a photograph and hope the scales will tip in your favor!

Cover the Difference

Before you go to pay a hefty tuition bill, unless you have a full-ride scholarship, it’s more than likely you’ll still need funds for college. Of course, you’ll want as much free money as you can get to help you through school, but you’ll also need to take out a student loan to help cover the difference. Visit that page for a quick overview on a few of the federal loans and tax deductions available for you!


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