What are Some Good Study Habits?

Simple tips to get your grades to improve

good study habits

If only you could glance at the cover of that biology textbook and absorb every word without having to study. Unfortunately, studying while in school is necessary in order to achieve grades sufficient to graduate. Studying does not have to be a chore or something you dread. Developing study habits that work for you and fit in with your daily life will ease the burden and help you achieve your goals.

What are some good study habits?

1. Determine a time that will fit into your schedule for studying. Designate this time as a scheduled study period and stick to it. A regularly scheduled study program helps you to remember to study and will help you to prepare for tests in a routine manner. This will also help you avoid cramming for a test and risk failing it.

2. Choose a quiet place to study, one that allows you the room for books, notepaper, and a computer. A desk in your chosen spot is a bonus, as it allows you to have an even, solid surface for your supplies and a chair to sit.

3. Turn off your cell phone to prevent calls or texts from interrupting your train of thought. It takes a few moments for your brain to resume where it left off after an interruption. The fewer interruptions you have, the quicker your studying will go and the more material you will remember.

4. Gather everything you need the first time. Running back and forth to obtain that forgotten notebook will drastically reduce the time you have to study and make study time a hassle.

5. Take a break every half an hour or so to stretch your legs, get a drink, or take a bathroom break. A regular break can help prevent tired aching backs and eyestrain by giving you the opportunity to change your position and rest your eyes for a moment.

6. Find a study partner to study with and trade notes. Your study partner may have notes on a portion of the lecture you might have missed or not taken notes on. You can also quiz each other on terms and definitions that need memorized.

Along with the above list, keep your body healthy by eating a varied diet and keep to a regular schedule in your daily life. Establish a routine that works around your class schedule for meals, sleep, and other activities. If you are constantly tired, your grades will suffer, putting you at risk of failing the class.

Develop a schedule, stick with it, and watch as your grades improve.


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