What are Your Thoughts on Obesity? You Could Win $1,000

Two chances this year to win this scholarship

If you are a graduating high school senior or an undergraduate student, apply for the BistroMD Innovative Ideas for Health and Wellness Scholarship today.

Built on the dual premise that good food isn’t defined simply by taste and that life-changing wellness can be achieved through the thoughtful planning of a deeply nutritious diet, BistroMD has established a comprehensive weight management program that is now one of the most successful weight loss programs in the industry. Through the efforts of both The Foodie and The M.D., exquisite, real-food cuisine and healthy-lifestyle eating coincide to transcend calorie counting and portion control. At BistroMD, food is medicine that tastes great. It’s not a diet, it’s the pathway to health revolution, delivered to your door.

In support of the core principles that guide BistroMD, the Innovative Ideas for Health and Wellness Scholarship is offered to promote the development of the extraordinary members of our communities. The Scholarship will award $1000 to one student each spring and fall semester with the goal of providing access to higher education for innovative and creative thinkers who are graduating high school or are enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited institution.

The scholarship award amount will be $1000 per semester.

Eligibility Requirements and Rules:
-Graduating senior in high school or enrolled as an undergraduate at an accredited institution with a graduation date no earlier than December, 2014.
-One entry per student, per semester.

To apply for the 2014 Innovative Ideas for Health and Wellness Scholarship, visit the BistroMD Scholarship website. Click on the “Submit Your Application Here” link and complete the confidential survey. Write and submit a 500 word essay.

The application essay should be 500 words long and should discuss “What you think is the largest contributing cause of obesity in the United States, as well as why you believe this is such a significant factor in the obesity epidemic in our nation” (BistroMD.com).

The essay will be judged on persuasiveness, clarity of message, creativity and spelling and grammar.

Off-topic essays and plagiarism will be disqualified. BistroMD will verify the eligibility information of each applicant. Essays become the sole property of BistroMD and applicant information will remain strictly confidential.

Deadlines for the 2014 Innovative Ideas in Health and Wellness Scholarship are as follows:
Spring Semester: Open January 1 – Close April 30, 2014
Fall Semester: Open September 1 – Close December 1, 2014

Spring Semester Scholarship Award Date: May 7, 2014
Fall Semester Scholarship Award Date: December 10, 2014


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