What you Should Know When Searching for Dog Grooming Schools

If you’re interested in becoming a professional dog groomer, then you’d want to enroll in a school that’ll give you the proper training and experience needed to be successful in your career. Taking sound advice, along with investigative research, will ensure you won’t be wasting your time or money enrolling in a school that’s not what you expected. Learn about some of the benefits of enrolling in a quality dog grooming school will have on your career.

If deciding to change your career to become a professional dog groomer, it’s important you find a dog grooming school that has a good track record and is licensed by the state. Although there’s no requirement by the state for pet groomers themselves to have any certification or degree, it’ll be beneficial to you when advertising your services to potential customers that you’ve received proper training from a licensed dog grooming school. People love their animals and want to be certain their dogs will be treated with the best possible care and professionalism. And even though dog grooming is a relatively simple job, placing your pet in the hands of an untrained groomer could be disastrous if certain conditions apply. For example, if you’re dog is anxious with the prospect of getting cleaned, it could end up being a safety issue for the groomer and the dog if the animal becomes aggressive. Also, if the salon you’re dropping your dog off has drying cages, an inexperienced groomer can inadvertently set the temperature too high resulting in the fatality of your pet. Training on how to groom various breeds of dogs as well as on-the-job experience is important if you want to receive the all the knowledge associated with dog grooming.

Join the Right Groups

Taking dog grooming courses and receiving proper certifications will not only cause your resume to appear favorable to employers, but will also instill confidence to the customers you service. It shows that you’re serious about your career and are able to perform the task with the utmost in professionalism and efficiency. Also, joining national groups and associations related to dog grooming will help put you on the inside loop of the latest trends and fashions in the dog grooming community. Having a love for animals itself isn’t enough to be successful in this career, but gaining the right knowledge and experience will allow you to be fruitful and prosperous in your career in the long run.

Look for Warning Signs

When searching for dog grooming schools it’s important to do your research. Investigating the history of the institution as well as requesting information on whether it’s licensed by the state is wise before enrolling. Also, be sure to check if the school is recognized the Better Business Bureau and research if any complaints come up to ensure you’re not wasting your money. Usually you can find warning signs of the school you’re interested by reading the BBB Review. Giving yourself enough time to look into various academic programs and asking plenty of questions will help you avoid wasting money attending a school that’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Also, be wary of schools/salons that operate in both factions as they typically do this as a way to save money on labor. These schools/salons will ask for tuition payments from students to groom dogs for actual paying customers in order to increase profits. This can be burdensome to students who require extra time and training as the instructor may pressure students to work quickly to satisfy a customer. You’ll be better off finding a school with the sole purpose of training its students.

After Finishing Dog Grooming School

Being a dog groomer can be a rewarding career if you love being around animals and are well-equipped to handle all the tasks associated with this job. When attending a dog grooming school, keep an eye open for prospective employers you’d be interested working for and be sure to speak with your instructors about any job placement opportunities after graduating. After receiving basic certification, you can further your knowledge in this field by becoming a master groomer. There are also plenty of books and DVDs that you can look into to further your education in dog grooming.


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