Where to Find Cheap Textbooks

Comparison shopping is recommended

In today’s world filled with jobs requiring higher education, college is no longer an option but a requirement. College is not limited to universities but also community colleges teaching trades to individuals not seeking a four year degree. Student loan balances are at an all time high leaving many students unable to make payments once they have earned their degree. According to the Huffington Post, “College textbook prices have increased faster than tuition, health care costs and housing prices, all of which have risen faster than inflation.”

With the harsh reality of the rising cost of textbooks it appears that the only option for students is still the college bookstore. Fortunately there are several websites that have realized the rising cost of textbooks and have taken advantage of an opportunity to sell, rent and buy cheap textbooks. Even though companies are making a profit from student needs, students are actually benefiting from the lower cost options provided from cheap textbooks.

Kno eTextbooks

This company offers eTextbooks for students in college as well as k-12. They offer 30 to 50 percent off on 200,000 titles which is surely a benefit to cash-strapped students. Additionally, if instead of lugging around physical books that clutter your space around you prefer simply carrying your entire collection on a tablet or smartphone, this is a viable option for textbook purchases.


Half.com is a textbook company owned by eBay. Books are listed at a particular price by eBay and options are listed below to buy the textbook new from other vendors or rent the textbook from eBay. Students are also able to sell textbooks.


This is a group of 29 educational organizations collaborating with over 200 colleges. Its purpose is to educate professors about open resources and offer peer review on open textbooks. It also provides online guidance to open resources to the public. Open source textbooks are free to the public and can be downloaded from the internet.

DirectTextbook.com is another company that sells and rents textbooks at reduced prices. An additional benefit with this website is that it also offers eBooks. The site is affiliated with Amazon, Alibris, Barnes and Noble, half.com, CampusBookRentals and textbooks.com providing students lower prices for textbooks. When students no longer need the textbook it can be sold back to the website.

The popular online shopping site, Amazon, sells, rents and buys textbooks. As with other book purchases with Amazon options are provided from different vendors to purchase new or used copies. Students can sell books to Amazon and receive gift cards for payment.


This company also sells rents and buys textbooks. The key difference between this website and other websites is it offers the customer the ability to buy or sell movies, videos, games and electronics. Examples of electronics for sale are kindles and laptops.

College students today are faced with many challenges. With a struggling economy and rising tuition many online options are now available for students to save money with cheap textbooks.


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