Zoology Colleges, Ranking Systems and Scholarships

Learn about what you can do with a zoology major, and what scholarships are available to you. If love being around animals and are also fascinated with all the potential discoveries that come from researching, studying and observing them, then pursuing zoology as a major is the way to go. Discover which ranking systems are out there that can help you find the colleges with the best zoology programs.

If you love wildlife and are interested in making the study of animals a career, then you’ll probably find the most satisfaction with a zoology major. Zoologist can work in medical labs, zoos or museums, but they can often get out there among the untamed and study animals in their natural habitat. Whether that be in the plains of the Serengeti, the stretches of the Australian Outback or in the jungles of South America, zoologist are the ones most passionate about these creatures, willing to get their hands dirty discovering new and fascinating things about them. When choosing this major, you’ll have plenty of time out in the field collecting invertebrates, dissecting pigs and heading research projects with detailed reports and analyzed data. There are many different areas you can go into with a zoology major. You can become a Marine Biologist, work in wildlife rehabilitation, study animal behavior, engage in equestrian studies or observe traits of non-human primates as a Primatologist. It can be difficult searching for a college with the best zoology programs, but there are resources available to you to make things easier.

Zoology College Ranking Systems

There are tons of college rankings lists that grade general aspects of specific institutions like U.S. News’s famous Best Colleges and Forbes’s American’s Top Colleges. The Gourman Report, however, is a trendy publication that ranks the best undergrad programs all the way from Accounting to Zoology and not just the colleges themselves. And although experts don’t like the fact his methodology is kept secret, he’ll often have high rankings for programs in smaller, less prestigious institutions that might otherwise be looked over. So when searching for adequate zoology programs, this would definitely be helpful in weeding out the less desirable ones. After you’ve found an adequate institution, if in need of funds for tuition, there are plenty of scholarships available to those seeking zoology related degrees.

Zoology Scholarships

The National FFA Organization is dedicated to helping students pursuing an education in an agriculture related program fund for college. They offer thousands of scholarships to members and only require you fill out one application. Their AGDATA Inc. scholarship will help those pursuing degrees traditional for zoology majors. If you’re in college and your areas of study include either agronomy and crop science, animal nutrition, animal/dairy/poultry or soil science, agricultural communications, farm/ranch/turf or business management, sales, marketing, education, economics, finance, engineering, animal breeding and genetics, biochemistry, biological sciences, horticulture, computer science in agriculture, entomology, environmental engineering, general agriculture or plant pathology then you’re eligible to receive scholarship funds to the amount of $2,500. Filling out an application to this organization will put you in view of thousands of scholarships.

The Potential

There are plenty of Easy Scholarships you can find that’ll help fund for college if you’re a little strapped for time. Choosing a career in zoology can definitely be rewarding if you have a deep love for animals and their conservation. You can choose to work alongside scientists and research various species for cures for diseases, or you can be on the forefront of discovering a whole new specimen. A career in this field has exciting and rewarding prospects if you’re determined and receive adequate education from a quality program.


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