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Searching for Scholarships for Actors that’ll help you get through college without huge student loan debt? Find out about a few that have nice cash awards and also learn what you have to do to obtain them. If you’re a natural-born stage performer, don’t let lack of money turn your college experience into a drama.

If you feel you have a natural talent for the performing arts and wish to pursue acting as a career, don’t let high college costs stand in the way. Those lofty aspirations of Hollywood fame and fortune could just be four academic years away if you’re determined to learn proper technique and have the ability to make each character you play uniquely you. As an actor or actress, take hold of that rare distinguishing trait that separates you from the rest and showcase your gift to acting scholarships so they can alleviate the financial burden of college allowing you to enjoy a career in the entertainment industry. Check out a few acting scholarships below that might help you with your endeavor.

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship

You might not’ve been around to watch Irene Ryan in her role as Granny Clampett in The Beverly Hillbillies, but if you feel you can break a leg during the auditions for this scholarship, she might be able to help you pay for college. This scholarship program awards sixteen $500 regional awards and two $3,000 national awards. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have to audition so that your acting skills can be evaluated. But in addition to the cash award national winners receive, this program throws in a few extra prizes. Here’s a list of a few past awards:

  • A Fellowship to the Williamstown Theatre Festival for minority candidates
  • A season with The Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington DC.
  • The National Partners of the American Theatre Classical Acting Award
  • the Mark Twain Scholarship for Comic Performance
Donna Reed Performing Arts Scholarship

Donna Reed was an actress that performed in classics like From Here to Eternity, It’s A Wonderful Life and in her own sitcom The Donna Reed Show. They accept applications in three different categories: acting, vocal and musical theater. The Donna Reed Performing Arts Scholarship has been giving out prizes since 1987. Those who receive the scholarships along with other finalists are invited to showcase their talents at the annual Scholarship Concert.

New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

This is a dedicated acting school that is very selective in who it enrolls. They audition thousands of prospective students from around the world yet only choose a “select few” that exhibit the best potential in an acting career. They offer two scholarships, one is need-based and the other merit-based. The Mary Doyle Memorial Scholarship is given to those who demonstrate financial need and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. They’ll award between $500 and $2,000 each academic school year. The Sanford Meisner Merit Award is given to students who perform well during the auditions. They also have a Summer Acting Training Program for high school students that offers housing, college credit and acting classes all squeezed into a four week program. The program costs around 5 grand, but they offer a merit-based scholarship that can cut that down by half.

Explore Your Options

Whether you wish to perform on stage, in a sitcom or on the big screen, finding a decent acting scholarship can help pave the way to achieving your goals in theater. It’s all well known that acting can be very rewarding if you prove to be dedicated and can exhibit passion, but it can also have it’s pitfalls. With that being said, people involved in acting might delve into other interests like film or writing. If you feel your gifts are more versatile, finding Film Scholarships or Creative Writing Scholarships might help you discover other areas you’re talented in the entertainment industry.

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