Easy Scholarships With December Deadlines

Apply for Scholarships with deadlines in December

Students who are looking for interesting scholarships for their college needs can take advantage of many easy scholarships that are coming up around the end of the calendar year. These scholarships with December deadlines can provide students with plenty of coverage for a number of their educational needs.

Heart of America’s Christopher Reeve Award Honors Community Leaders

Many students around the country are ones that work hard to support their communities. Those who are the best at what they do will be eligible for the Christopher Reeve Award from the Heart of America Foundation. This award is for students who are able to serve their communities and offer help for programs and other events that are for the betterment of their areas. Students can earn $1,000 for their college education needs but they will have to apply before December 1 to be eligible for the award.

The Baumgartner Scholarship Helps Those With Financial Needs

Many students are unable to get parental assistance for their college needs due to various financial hardships. The Greg Baumgartner Scholarship from the Baumgartner Law Firm is available for students who are covering their college expenses without parental assistance. This is good for all students when meet this qualification and is good for $1,000 to cover costs. The applications for this will be due on December 1 and can work well for independent students who want to advance in the world.

Ethics Are Critical Through the Wiesel Foundation

The concept of ethics and careful though is important for all students to explore. The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity has introduced a new scholarship called the Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay scholarship. Students are required to write extended essays on ethics and commonplace issues in today’s society. This essay is for those who want to learn about the many ethical concepts that need to be explored with regards to today’s society. The foundation offers scholarships that are up to $5,000 in value but the deadline for filing is on December 8 so it helps for students to be timely when writing their essays.

GMR Transcription Academic Scholarship Program

A $500 scholarship will be given to any student who is enrolled full-time in college and maintains a 3.0 GPA. There is an online application with a 1 page minimum essay required. This scholarship has quarterly deadlines on the 15th of June and December.

Fitness Lifestyle Scholarship

This $500 scholarship asks that you fill out a survey and write a 500 word essay. You must have legal residence in the US and be either a high school or college student. The funds will be distributed to your post-secondary institution’s financial aid office. The deadline is December 31.

Mark A. Forester Scholarship

RockyMountainMattress.com is offering a $1,000 scholarship to the individual who can compose the best 300-500 word essay on how they honor America’s Heroes. Submit your essay to the email address provided on the site. Deadline is December 31.


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