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Easy Scholarship Lists

What better way to find the information you need than in list form? In addition to insightful articles updated on the site, you’ll be able to find general (not State-specific) easy scholarships that can help you pay for college. Simply browse through the categories offered below to find the information that best fits you. And, of course, the more you apply, the better your chances of winning. Since these are all easy scholarships, you’ll be able to marathon the process a lot quicker than you would traditional scholarships. Focusing your efforts on more achievable scholarships is a wise move. Your goal, after all, is to receive funding, not exactly to “compete” with the best and brightest. Additionally, starting the scholarship hunt as soon as possible is the best way to capitalize on all the information provided on this site.


In the category section is where you’ll find the list of easy scholarships available to apply for. New scholarships are always being started and as such, if easy, will be added to one of the categories below:


Easy Scholarships Categorized by Month – These are scholarships that are due in various months of the year. It’s a good idea to plan ahead when it comes to which scholarships you’ll be applying too. That is what this list is for.

Easy Scholarship List – These are general scholarships not specific to a locality. You can find national scholarships from well-known business like KFC or Coca-Cola that award large groups of students annually and are fairly simple. Also included are scholarships from organizations and companies that you might not have heard of yet are easy nonetheless.

Sweepstake Scholarship List – Many times, in an effort to attract attention, companies will offer easy scholarships in the form of sweepstakes to gain interest in their product or service. They may employ the use of a marketing agency that does all the ground-work, but usually it’s a great way to get attention. You can find information concerning Scholarship Sweepstakes in the list provided.

Weird Scholarship List – These scholarships are available to those who have a bit of quirkiness about them or who don’t exactly fit the mold. If you have an unusual trait or fall into some abnormal category, then there may be a scholarship available to you. Some of these are specific to a college or state, but since they’re so weird, I included them in this list.

No Essay Scholarship List – Not a big fan of writing? Well if you’re willing to exchange that with another activity, then the No Essay Scholarship List has you covered. If writing isn’t a strong suit, but you’re handy with a camera or are active in community service, then you’ll still be able to win money for school.

2.5 Minimum GPA Scholarship List – You’ve always been told how big a deal grades were in school, but not for the scholarships contained in this list. If you can hold at least a 2.5 GPA then you’re eligible for all the scholarships provided in this category. A 2.5 is around the C+, B- range on a 4.0 scale which is surely attainable.

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  1. I Love these opportunities, they open a new world of scholarships for me. I have found many scholarships on here although i haven’t been contacted yet i absolutely love the fact that these scholarships are so up-front and straight fowarde unlike other sites that give a ton of links.

  2. I’m glad you’re so thrilled. Just keep applying and you’re bound to hear something eventually. But ya, I think it’s better to not beat around the bush and simply get to the point (finding easy scholarships). Thanks again for the enthusiasm!

  3. What steps does an institution need to take in order to gain inclusion on the website? See that you have a ton of great info and would like to throw out some recommendations if that is possible. Thanks!

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  5. MUTAAWE JONATHANS // August 1, 2016 at 7:56 am // Reply

    can Ugandans apply for this

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