Easy Scholarships with March Deadlines

Easy Scholarships with March Deadlines

Check out the scholarships with March deadlines below. Also, if you want more chances to win scholarships, take a look at the 20 monthly scholarships with multiple deadlines throughout the year. Good luck!

Structured Settlement Career Planning Scholarship

Open to college students in the United States who are at least 18 years of age and have maintained at least a 3.3 GPA. Write a 650 to 900 word essay answering the essay topic listed on the site to win the $1,000 scholarship. Deadline is March 1.

Internet of Things Scholarship

The Internet of Things Scholarship comes from DigiCert and is worth $1,000. You must write a 400 to 600 word essay on the topic listed on the site and post it on your blog or website. Submit this information as well as some contact details on the website by March 1.

The Annual Stewart J. Guss College Student

This $1,000 scholarship is for those planning to enroll in college or are already attending. You must write a 1,000 word essay on the legal topic given on the website. Deadline is March 1.

Internet Security Scholarship

Another $1,000 scholarship from DigiCert on a slightly different topic. This one deals with Internet Security and requires a 400 to 600 word essay to be posted on your blog or website. The deadline is March 1.

Wifi Security Scholarship

The last and final scholarship from DigiCert, again worth $1,000, deals with Wifi Security. Compose a video concerning Wifi Security and post it on YouTube by March 1.

Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2015

This scholarship offers three different tiers for winners. First place will receive a $1,000 scholarship for themselves, a $1,000 donation to their university and a frame my future commemorative frame; four selected individuals will receive the runner-up $1,000 scholarship award and a commemorative frame my future frame and 19 applicants will receive a commemorative frame my future certificate. The deadline is March 3.

The POSGuys.com Scholarship

All that’s required for this $500 scholarship is a quick survey. For a chance to win an additional $500 simply write an essay on the topic on the site. It is open to high school students who are over the age of 16, college and grad school students as well as non-traditional students. Deadline is March 10.

Commercial Video Scholarship

A $500 scholarship on the importance of auto insurance for high school seniors and college students. You must create a commercial for car insurance and post it on a social media website (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Also, provide a link to the website www.cheapautoinsurance.org. Deadlines are March 15 and October 1.

Insureon Scholarship Program

This scholarship is open to high school seniors or those already enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college. You must write a 500 to 750 word essay on the given essay topic on the site. There are three different deadlines, one being on March 31 and the others on July 31 and December 1.

Big Fish 2015 Gaming Scholarship Contest

This scholarship is open for high school seniors or those in college and are interested in pursuing a career in the video game industry. The winner will receive $5,000 if they can best describe their favorite video game concept in a variety of formats ( concept art, screenshots, drawing, etc). Deadline is March 31.

SBO.net Scholarship Program

A $1,000 scholarship from SBO.net open to high school seniors or college students who can write a 500 to 1,000 word essay on the topic listed on the site. Deadline is March 31.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students who have been impacted by cancer either personally or through a loved member. They will award $4,000 to one individual each semester to the one who can either write a 500 to 1,500 word essay or a five minute video answering the topics listed on the site. Deadline is March 31.

2015 Truck Accident Injury Scholarship

This $500 annual scholarship has one interesting eligibility requirement. Among being a U.S. citizen attending an accredited university, you must have also sustained an injury from a truck accident. Also, you need a minimum GPA of at least 2.5. The deadline is March 31.

AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship

The AfterCollege program is one that takes a look at skills and other features a student has to have better success after college. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and create an online profile to enter this scholarship The program helps students analyze what’s important in their lives and how they want to provide the best possible efforts to help society at large with their work. The scholarship is available to students in many fields and is worth $1,000. The deadline is March 31.

Unigo’s $10,000 Scholarship

This scholarship deals with stereotypes and how you would defy them. The application process is simple. Just register for an account to receive the online application in addition to a 200 word essay. To be eligible you must be at least 14 years old and enrolled or planning to be enrolled into an accredited college or university by 2019. The deadline is March 31.


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