An Infographic on How Students Pay for College

This is an interesting infographic on how students pay for college. It explains how a typical student receives about $13,000 in financial aid (student loans, work study and grants) and how that pales in comparison to the $31,915 and the $6,653 in hidden costs. It takes a look on how students are able to fill in the $25,568 gap left over so that they can afford to attain a degree and, hopefully, live a successful life. It peers into a few of the hidden costs that may seem minor at first but add up over time. Whether you’re in college or are getting ready to enroll, this should prove to be a great eye-opener in what goes into the cost of a college education and the various ways students fund these expenses. The infographic itself was created by Enjoy!

Filling The Gap Infographic: How Students Pay for College


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