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Scholarships for Girls

A few scholarships for girls looking for help with tuition and book payments. Scholarships come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are many that cater to individuals with different passions. Whether you’re interested in video game development or pursuing a career in engineering, there are scholarships available specifically for girls that can help fund your education.

If you’re a female and are actively searching for cash for school, you probably already know how much of a pain researching for scholarships are with schoolwork and extracurricular activities taking up much of your time. Well don’t fret, below are a few listed that if eligible, could earn you a nice chunk of change for your next tuition payment. Remember, when searching for scholarships, you should definitely keep your options open and not discount any you might feel are out of your league (you never know, you might get lucky). But, of course, if there are a few that you find fit you perfectly, it’ll be like finding a smartphone app that tells you what your boyfriend is thinking when a cute girl walks by. Well, maybe not exactly, but you get the point. Enough stalling, here they are.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

This is an interesting scholarship that awards those enrolling in college and are at least 5’10” for women and 6’2″ for men. That’s right, eligibility is dependent on how tall you are. After applying, you can hope to win $1,000 toward your educational expenses. Tall Club International has been around since 1938 and is a way for tall people to hang out, socialize and simply have fun being tall. If you meet the minimal height requirement, it might not hurt to apply for this scholarship.

Girls Inc. Lucile Mille Wright Scholars Program

Girls Inc. has various scholarships to prospective college students that award $2,500 to $5,000 to help lower tuition costs. This particular scholarship is dedicated to members of Girls Inc. that are in the 11th and 12th grade and awards $15,000, a nice chunk of change, to girls all across the nation. This club has been around since 1864 to help women find jobs in industrialized cities. It has grown quite a bit since then. They’re actively involved in helping young women meet their potential. They deal with issues like teen pregnancy, education and even how girls are portrayed in the media. They have many Girls Inc. organizations in the US, but also a few in Canada. Here’s a list if you want to find one near you.

Sony’s G.I.R.L Scholarship

For girls looking for a career in video game development. The acronym stands for Gamers in Real Life (G.I.R.L), the scholarship is worth $10,000 and it includes an all-expense-paid internship at Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) home base in San Diego. Applicants must submit two pieces of concept art inspired by a popular video game exhibiting their creative side, and they also must write an essay dealing with their opinions on women in the gaming industry. This scholarship for girls is open to undergraduates and is an effort from the huge entertainment company to get more women in video game development.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) organization has many scholarships for girls looking for careers in engineering related fields. Awards can be worth up to $20,000 and they keep it simple by having you complete just one application if a freshmen and another if a sophomore through graduate. Just fill out an application on their site and they’ll decide which scholarships you’re eligible for. SWE aims to help women get more involved in engineering career fields. According to National Science Board Science and Engineering Indicators a mere 10,000 women were awarded engineering degrees compared to 50,000 earned by men in 2002. So if you’re interested in an engineering career visit the SWE website for more information.

Tips on Finding More Scholarships for Girls

If you need tips on how to find more scholarships for girls, finding sites like Zinch or Collegeprowler that match you up with scholarships that speak to your strengths are a total timesaver. Another good scholarship site is College Board which has been around the longest. Either way, be sure to keep college within reach financially with a scholarship; the more you can lessen student loan debt the better.

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