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Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs as a College Student

If you want to make some side money while in college, try out these virtual assistant companies

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is one job college students can have while still going to school. The roles and responsibilities of a virtual assistant often vary, but they all have one thing in common: there is no need for your physical presence. As the word virtual suggests, you may go to work with just a laptop and an Internet connection, mainly talking to the boss through chats and emails. More often than not, a virtual assistant need not be logged in the whole day – as long as all the jobs that need to be done are finished.

So where exactly will you find jobs like these? Following are some websites you can check out:


Craigslist is teeming with employees advertising for virtual office assistants, but keep in mind that Craigslist simply works as a publishing platform. If you find a job you believe you can fill, you will be contacting the other person directly and arranging application and job details with them. Craigslist is therefore no longer involved in the veto process – which places you at a high risk of not getting paid. Still, this should not discourage you. Craigslist has been known to provide wonderfully legit jobs as long as you are careful in choosing.


One of the most thriving websites today for freelancers, oDesk helps you improve and puts you in contact with legitimate employers. oDesk works as a platform where you will be able to check out employer profiles to see if they have a good ranking. On the other hand, you’ll also have a profile with ratings that can be built as you finish different contracts. It is a very transparent website and with oDesk providing improvement tests for its freelancers, there is much room to grow as a virtual assistant.


Elance works pretty much the same way as oDesk as it functions as the main platform where you and your employer will communicate and exchange projects as needed. Like oDesk, Elance offers excellent protection for both you and the employer – minimizing any chances of being scammed.

Virtual Assistants

The website caters mainly to virtual assistant needs. They are happy to take in college students who have the skills needed to fill in the orders of their clients. Unlike oDesk and Elance, Virtual Assistants do not have other online jobs (writing, editing) but focuses on providing online secretaries. Due to this, they offer several categories in which you can become a VA. For example, you can be a VA for a photographer or a VA for a writer – depending on your skills and area of interest.


Another excellent platform, Freelancer is reminiscent of Elance and oDesk in the kind of services it provides. Most of the employers here have gone through a checking system, therefore minimizing the risks on your part. Aside from becoming a VA, you’ll also find other positions here that might be more to your taste.

Of course, those are just some of the places where to find virtual assistant jobs as a college student. Regardless of where you apply, keep in mind that this job can be a stepping stone to something more so make sure you give your best and seek a position that works with your current skills. Good luck and choose wisely!

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