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No Essay Scholarship List

No essay scholarships can be hard to come by but are definitely worth the search if you’re not big on writing. Scholarships that require no essays include sweepstakes, video contests and other programs that substitute essays with a different activity. Whether you have writer’s block or are developing carpel tunnel with all your typing, taking a break from the traditional and finding scholarships with a different set of rules is a breath of fresh air. Here I’ve provided a list of no essay scholarships from various organizations that could help you pay for college.


No Essay Scholarships



This scholarship is real easy and requires no essay. Just fill out the registration form and wait to be notified if you won the random drawing. You could win up to $10,000 in money for school so is definitely a worthwhile venture. This program comes from Free College Scholarships, LLC and they have several other scholarship sites like this one that offer the same award. They combine all entries from each of their websites and hand out one award per entry period. Be warned that if you do register, you’ll be sent mail for educational offers by advertisers. But with that aside, it’s super easy to apply or and, better yet, requires no essay.

US Bank Scholarship

All this no essay scholarship requires is a quick application form with information concerning the college you plan to attend, some contact information and a survey asking how you learned about the program (this awesome website called EasyScholarshipsNow!). They award 40 people $1,000 annually. The college you plan on attending must be within the list of colleges available when you start the application, or else you will not be able to receive the funds. Of course it’s not going to pay the full cost of tuition, which is why they have an area to the right asking if you’re ready to apply for a student loan. One cool thing about their loans is that If you have at least a 3.30 GPA, you’ll be eligible for their Good Grades perk which reduces the principal of your loan amount by 1%. Nothing to call home about, but it’s still a reduction.

CollegeWeekLive Scholarship

This website offers easy scholarships to individuals active in the college admissions process (no essays). If you’re currently touring colleges, you could win $1,000 from CollegeWeekLive if you sign up to one of their events. You get to listen to speakers discuss various topics like standardized tests, studying abroad and financial aid all while being entered for their scholarship program. Simply sign up to a CollegeWeekLive event and visit at least three booths and wait to be notified. They award individuals who are diligently researching prospective colleges and are serious about the college process. They also have a one-day-only $5,000 scholarship with the same criteria (you just have to be available on whatever day they choose). CollegeWeekLive is a host to a number of fairs at participating colleges providing incentives to students to attend by awarding monthly $1,000 scholarships. So not only do you gain information and insight on universities and colleges, but you may possibly get paid too!

Teens For Jeans

This is a charity event collaboration by and Aeropostale in an effort to provide jeans for homeless kids. They’ll randomly select two students to receive $500 dollars in scholarship money of those who participate. The main purpose of this contest is to provide jeans to children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. The school who donates the most jeans will receive $5,000, a pair of jeans by Aeropostale for each student and a party where everyone can celebrate. This is a noteworthy venture to benefit the less fortunate while also receiving a chance to win $500. If you’re not the lucky winner selected for the scholarship, your involvement with this program will definitely look good on other scholarship applications, so definitely not one to pass up.

Courageous Persuaders Video Contest

This is a video contest scholarship open to all high school students across the nation. The objective is to create an engaging TV commercial warning people about the dangers of underage drinking. They have a few Michigan only scholarships but two national scholarships from The Wall Street Journal and State Farm Insurance. Awards range from $250 to $3,000 with a number of different sponsors. State Farm Insurance also has a Fan Favorite Award given to the video that receives the most Likes. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and be sure to drive traffic to it by telling all your friends and family.

CollegeMapper’s $1,000 No Essay Scholarship

This is a fairly simple scholarship. All you need to do is fill out a form and if you refer friends to this website you’ll have more chances to win. This website is designed to help high school students through the college application process. Students can create an account to receive help and guidance with college applications, parents can join and view the progress of their student and counselors can also sign up to further help students along in the application process.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Video Scholarship

This website offers various scholarships throughout the year with different application requirements. They offer a video scholarship that applicants can email their submission by the deadline: April 30th.

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