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Easy Scholarships for Non-Smokers

We all know the negative effects smoking can have on a person. There’s no question about its danger and the addictive hold it has making it difficult to quit. Many youth get into the habit by way of peer pressure, simply being unaware of the harms associated with it or any number of reasons. But once you start, it tightens its grip on you increasing your chances of suffering all the hazardous health ailments it carries. If you’re a non-smoker and you need some cash for school, check out a few of the easy scholarships specifically for non-smokers that you can apply for.

Quit Smoking Scholarship Essay offers a pretty straightforward scholarship requiring an essay between 500 and 1,000 words. The award amount is $1,000 which will be paid directly to the student’s school of choice. Simply submit your essay explaining how you’re committed to assisting others in quiting the habit, ideas you feel will make it easier to quit, where you see yourself in 5-10 years, what it means to overcome addiction along with a few other questions. The deadline for this scholarship is October 1. If you’re selected as the winner, they’ll ask for your IRS Form W-9, a copy of your driver’s license, a headshot photograph, copyright assignment, college or high school transcripts and a publicity/liability release. This is only if you win so for now just submit your essay, they’ll contact you for the other items later.

The Alert Scholarship

Alert Magazine has a $500 scholarship for high school seniors living in the states of Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington or Wyoming. They require you have at least a 2.5/4.0 GPA and have plans to go to college. Write a 650-800 word essay on any personal experience from you or someone you know who’s had to deal with drug and/or alcohol abuse. Detail what you’ve learned and your opinion on how it was handled. Your essay must have proper structure (thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, conclusion) and should use proper grammar and punctuation. Be sure to check out some advice on how to write a good essay so you can nail this easy scholarship.

One Stop Treatment Scholarship

Since weight gain is a huge concern for those who smoke when deciding to quit, it only seems right to add an easy scholarship from a company selling weight-loss supplements. awards $1,000 to applicants who can write a 300-500 word essay detailing one of the products they sell and how it might benefit someone trying to lose weight. The deadline for this application is June 1. Simply copy and paste your application to the form provided from the website and wait to be notified if you’ve won. You’ll also need to publish your essay on a website; you can create a free blog from Google or LiveJournal and simply copy and paste the URL on the form along with your essay.

3 Comments on Easy Scholarships for Non-Smokers

  1. Chandler Saints // May 29, 2012 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    Hello! I’m Chandler and I’ve been trying very hard to find full coverage or at least partial coverage of the money that I will owe after college is over. I start this fall at IUN and financial aide is covering $5,000 a semester but I will still owe $2,000 a semester. I could really use some help with finding a scholarship that will cover these costs for the next four years. I want to enjoy college. I’m only 18 and I have to pay for it myself. I’d greatly appreciate help with these scholarships or grants. Thank you, Chandler Saints

  2. Hey Chandler, that’s awesome that you have such a huge chunk taken out via financial aid. I suggest you find a scholarship matching site that’ll allow you to create a profile and will send scholarships your way that meet your critera. A few good places to check out would be, CollegeProwler, Fastweb or Cappex. Many of these sites offer easy scholarships just for applying (Zinch has a weekly “Three Sentence Essay” scholarship worth $1,000). And, of course, signing up to more than just one might prove beneficial since you’ll receive more scholarship info from a few different sources. Best of Luck!

  3. Ruth Hebert // June 15, 2016 at 10:15 pm // Reply

    Hello, My name is Ruth and I am interested in the Quite Smoking Scholarship Essay. But there seems to be a problem, when I click the link it says that the page does not exist. Could you let me know if this scholarship is still available, and if so how to get started on it. Thank you

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