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Best Apps for College Students – College Performance

Let technology increase your productivity

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College can be tough – all those expectations and lessons and temptation of parties can make it hard for students to balance their life between study and fun. Fortunately, we are now in the digital age which means that with the right tools, you will be able to enjoy college life more with just the help of your trusted phone.

But what kind of help are we talking about exactly? Following are some of the apps every college student must have and how they can help with your day to day life:


Get the complete English dictionary and use it even when offline for those times when the teacher surprises you with a 1000-word essay. Depending on the dictionary, you should be able to get a description, synonym, antonym, and even a recording of how the word is pronounced.


Prioritize your tasks with Any.Do app. This app lets you edit, add, remove, and customize the settings of every task. What makes it invaluable, however, is the fact that it can be synched with other devices. Hence, you can update the list on your phone and it would automatically perform an update with your laptop so you would never have to worry about repeating tasks.


Dropbox is a favorite for many people who have numerous files and documents to protect. For college students, Dropbox ensures that the thesis you slaved over will always be safe and accessible through the Internet. Again, Dropbox allows for synchronization all across different devices so you will never have to worry about updating old files. You can access the same files anywhere, even if you don’t have your laptop with you.


Who needs to lug around large and heavy books when you can have everything you want at a touch of a palm? Scribd is just one of the apps that offer access to an extensive library of information. With this, you can look up practically all reference books and use them for whatever purpose will serve you best. Bookmark these books so you can access them again when you need additional information.


Note taking is an important aspect of being a student. Why use pen and paper when you could jot down things twice as fast with Evernote? It doesn’t stop there – Evernote let you sync multiple files so you would always have access and update on your valuable school information. The best part about this app is that it is absolutely FREE!

Wolfram Alpha

The mathematics savant and practically everything else, Wolfram Alpha can give you mathematical answers in just a few seconds. It also provides valuable non-number information by scanning through millions of domains with an accuracy you won’t find anywhere else. Wolfram Alpha is available at a cost but it is definitely worth it since it manages to sprout answers to the toughest math questions. Remember though, this app is best used for reference purposes.


There is scientific evidence that exercise helps increase brain activity and energy – two things you definitely need for college. Sworkit makes it possible for you to schedule time for workouts in 5-minute increments. You will also have access to extensive workout routines, giving you the chance to try out new stuff and stay entertained without messing up your schedule.

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