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Sweepstake Scholarship List

When you don’t have a lot of time for traditional scholarships but could still use cash for school, locating easy to apply for scholarship sweepstakes is your best bet. Many of these types of scholarships are one-time only but can offer large amounts of cash rewards ($10,000 and up), some are annually distributed by smaller organizations or companies but with smaller cash amounts. In 2009, The Taco Bell Foundation had a one-time Scholarship Giveaway where four customers were able to receive $25,000 in money for college. Another source of scholarship sweepstakes comes from marketing firms hoping to bring more attention to their clients. If you want a way to find easy money for school, below are a few popular scholarship sweepstakes that might fulfill those wishes if you’re lucky.

Scholarship Sweepstakes


Consumer Expressions

This sweepstake scholarship comes from an online marketing company called Vente, Inc. The purpose of this sweepstake is to conduct market research for their clients. Basically, it’s a form of incentive marketing where they ask you to fill out surveys for popular brands like Nike, Best Buy or Old Navy and in return they offer you the chance of winning cash (the incentive) which you can use for anything. They require no payment for entry, simply sign up and start completing surveys. The only stipulation is that you need to be over 18 years old to participate. Companies employ the use of online marketing businesses, like Vente, so they can get a better idea on what their customers like and don’t like. Bottom-line is that they want to sell more stuff to people in your age-group. You can sign up by visiting their website.

Sort of in the same vein, asks you to register for a chance to win $10,000 toward your educational expenses. After you register, you’ll receive information via emails and phone calls regarding other educational providers (their clients). If you don’t like receiving spam mail, just create a new email address for this purpose and check it occasionally to see if you’ve won anything. They have a TrusteĀ® Icon on their site which basically means your privacy will be protected. It’s also accredited by the BBB which is another positive. Their motive is to direct as many students to their advertisers (i.e. educational providers) which is how they get paid. Simply register and tick the boxes indicating you agree with the Terms of Condition, Privacy Policy and that you understand you’ll be contacted for other opportunities (advertisements). They run a similar site titled 10kforSchool for adults deciding to go back to school.


This website does a monthly drawing to select winners of their $10,000 Sweepstake Scholarships. In 2011 they awarded $129,000 worth in scholarships. The trick to this program is that you need points to increase your chances of winning. The more active you are in taking surveys, browsing the web and reading blogs, the more points you gain. StudentLoanNetwork comes from the Edvisors Company which is a student marketing business. They have a similar site that operates in the same manner called The only difference is the content – ScholarshipPoints mainly focuses on scholarships while StudentLoanNetwork offers information about loan repayment, consolidation and federal loans.

WiseChoice Scholarship

WiseChoice is another college and scholarship matching website that offers $2,500 to eligible students who become registered members. They ask that you give your best answer to a given open-ended question (no more than 200 words). The trick to eligibility is that you need to acquire a certain number of points (100) before the application for entry will be available. After that, you’ll be allowed one entry during the contest. Your essay will be judged on wisdom, originality, writing ability and overall excellence. They accept applications from students as young as thirteen and, if you win, a check will be made payable to the post-secondary institution of your choice.

The Food Network Scholarship

A contest for those dedicated to pursuing the culinary arts. Just submit an essay detailing your interest in global cuisine and you could be the lucky recipient of $20,000 from The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes. The application is pretty straightforward. Your essay shouldn’t be more than 2,000 characters long which will be judged on ability to communicate your culinary goals as well as the originality and passion of your response. If you’re real enthusiastic about the culinary arts, ensuring those interests translate on page will be a surefire way to win.

TG’s Milton G. Wright Scholarship

A scholarship sweepstakes that’ll award $500 monthly to those who enter the drawing. Must be eligible to receive federal aid (Title IV), be thirteen years or older, have a diploma or GED and either plan to or already enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Enter each month to increase your chances of winning. They require your email and phone number to be able to notify you if you win. Adventures in Eduction offers help to students looking for careers, planning for college and managing money. This is a good site to keep on your radar as they may have more promotions and contests in the future.

GoCollege Monthly Scholarship

This is a modest monthly scholarship lottery that awards $250 to applicants that can explain how GoCollege can improve the website. All that’s required is that students fill out an online application form.

Commerce Bank Scholarship Sweepstakes

Commerce Bank is another easy scholarship sweepstakes. All you need to do is fill out some basic information on their site and you will be enrolled in the scholarship giveaway. You must be 18 and a United States citizen, and enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution, including junior colleges and vocational schools. This offer not available if you live in Florida, New York, or Rhode Island. There are three chances to win $1000 scholarship. The deadline for submission is April 30th, 2014.

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    Please tell me why it is so very hard to find scholarships for nontraditional students already in college. HELP PLEASE !!!!!

  2. Try checking out this site: as it might help you out.

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